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Frequently Asked Questions

Why register?

By registering with us online, you will be able to search our database and learn if we have the requested surname in our database.

Providing you find the name you wish to query, all you have to do is to follow online instructions and request our response to your project.

What should I do if I cannot find my surname?

For various reasons over the centuries, some surnames took on a different spelling and the present day descendants may not even be aware of it. Through-out history, borders shifted and people immigrated. Surnames also took a different spelling as a result of spelling mistakes.

If you are uncertain about other possible spelling variations of a surname, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

An example of misspellings: Members of the well known Hungarian family "Rhédey", due to geopolitical reasons, found themselves residing in several modern day countries that were once the Kingdom of Hungary. Due to the linguistic differences in this countries the Rhédey family is also known as the: Rédey, Rédei, Réday, or even Rédaj, with and without the accent over the letter "e".

What happens next?

Once we receive your inquiry we will respond by e-mail within 5 working days and let you know what type of information relating to your project we have and how to proceed. All of the information to this point is free.

How may I obtain further information and what will I get?

Providing that we have the information on the surname you are searching, we will respond by e-mail and let you know what information we have and how much it will cost for you to obtain it. The usual price for information on one surname may range anywhere from 20 ~ 60 Euros. The price depends on the information we are providing. The most common type of information is a black-and-white or color image of the Coat of Arms, the name of the issuing authority, date of issue, name of the recipient(s), and in certain cases we can also provide you with the circumstances which led to the issuing of the original Coat of Arms. Information will be provided to you in the language in which the Coat of Arms and Letter Patent was issued. Should you request an English translation we can accommodate you with that as well.

Can I use the information to register my Arms with the College?

You can obtain the necessary information regarding "Re-matriculating and Granting Armorial Bearings" by our College on the The Registrar page.

Will I receive a credit for the amount I paid for the initial information?

Yes! The amount you paid to query the surname will be credited to your final price should you decide to register your armorial bearings with the College.

Can I still request information without registering?

If for some reason you are having trouble activating or logging into the site, you are still able to email us at info(at)

How can I change my email address?

You can either setup a new account with your new email address or email us at info(at) and request for our administrator to change the email currently associated with your account.

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