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Since the fall of the monarchy in 1920, the Hungarian College of the Hereditary Nobility underwent two significant transformations. The post WWI period put the Hungarian Nobility into a chaotic state of confusion and before any significant activities could be achieved all of Europe found itself in WWII. Shortly after WW II, Hungary was absorbed under Soviet dominance. Nevertheless, for the next four decades, the Hungarian Nobility used the Riddarhustorget 10, (Swedish House of Nobility) in Stockholm for the center of their activities.

In 1990, immediately after the fall of communism in Central - Eastern Europe vitéz Dr. BÉLA de KÉSZDY VÁSÁRHELYI de KÉZD (1906 - 2000); Knight Grand Cross of Justice with Collar of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), Knight of the Order of Saint Constantine of Naples, and one of the key officials of the College of the Hereditary Nobility in Exile made available all references and works of the College so it could be reestablished.

It took another 20 years before the sufficient material was in place and the Hungarian College of the Hereditary Nobility, in its present form, was re-established.

The College consists of three entities

  • The Society of the Hereditary Nobility of Hungary and Transylvania

  • The Armorial Society of Hungary and Transylvania

  • The Hungarian College of the Hereditary Nobility - Matricula Armorum (Armorial Registry Office)

The Hungarian College of the Hereditary Nobility - Matricula Armorum (Armorial Registry Office) is the only part of the College that operates as a private entity with purpose and legitimate entitlement, and in accordance with its Statutes, provides re-matriculation (re-registration) of hereditary coat-of-arms and matriculation (registration) of contemporary coats-of-arm. Part of the registration service is also issuing Diplomas Armorum (Letters Patent).

In addition, every three years the College publishes the Almanac Armorum Hungaricum et Transylvanium, a hard-cover book with a list and armorial bearings of the Matricula Armorum latest armorial registrations. As well, the Armorial Registry Office provides affordable heraldic artwork and design consultation, legal opinions on heraldic and nobiliary laws, including arbitration and litigation on matters relating to the same.

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